Computer Awareness Quiz for SBI, IBPS and RRB

Computer Awareness Quiz  for SBI IBPS RRB

Dear Readers, Here we are presenting Computer Awareness Quiz  for SBI, IBPS, RRB  and other Upcoming Exams as Computer Awareness section is very scoring  and you guyz can attempt this section in very short time with 100 percent Accuracy. Undoubtedly these questions will help you to grab confidence on questions asked on Computer Awareness  in various exam..

Try to solve this Computer Awareness Quiz  for SBI, IBPS, RRB, we assure you it will helps you alot to score in various competitive examinations like SBI, IBPS, RRB .

Computer Awareness Quiz  for SBI, IBPS, RRB

Computer Awareness Quiz  for SBI, IBPS, RRB

1. What do you use to create a chart?
a) Pie Wizard
b) Excel Wizard
c) Data Wizard
d) Chart Wizard
e) None of these.

2. Check the odd term out:-
a) Internet
b) Linux
c) Unix
d) Windows
e) None of these.

3. Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?
a) Windows 98
b) BSD Unix
c) Microsoft Office XP
d) Red Hat Linux
e) None of these.

4.  A language reflects the way people think mathematically is…..
a) cross platform programming
b) functional
c) event driven programming
d) 3GL business programming
e) None of these.

5._____    acts as a temporary high speed holding area between the memory and
the CPU thereby improving processing capabilities:-
a) Cache
b) RAM
c) ROM
d) All
e) None of these.

5. Virtual memory is:-
a) an extremely large main memory
b) an illusion of extremely large main memory
c) a type of memory
d) All
e) None of these.

7. Floppy disks are organized as:-
a) file
b) tracks & sector
c) header & footer
d)  a&c both
e) None of these.

8.    _______ are software which is used to do particular task.
a) Operating system
b) Program
c) Data
d) Software
e) None of these.

9. Which of the following memories is an optical memory?
a)Floppy Disk
b) Bubble Memories
d) Core Memories
e) None of these.

10. DNS refers to :-
a) Data Number Sequence
b) Digital Network Service
c) Domain Name System
d) Disk Numbering System
e) None of these.

Answers of above Computer Awareness Quiz
1-d) 2-a) 3-c) 4-b) 5-a) 6-b) 7-b) 8-b) 9-c) 10-b)…


I hope Computer Awareness Quiz  will help you  in upcoming exam2016..

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