Computer Quiz

Computer Quiz

*Quiz for various upcoming exams SSC,RRB,SBI,IBPS etc…

Q:1 A program that converts high level language to machine Language ?
(1) Linker
(2) Assembler
(3) Compiler
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

Q:2 Zip is a —–file?
(1) Executable File
(2) Compressed File
(3) System File
(4) Combo
(5) None of these

Q:3 What is “Oracle” ?
(1) A Co-ordination System
(2) Word Software
(3) Database Software
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

Q:4 IC Chip is made of ?
(1) Silicon
(2) Nickel
(3) Iron
(4) Copper
(5) None of these

Q:5 FOXPRO is a ———
(2) DBMS
(3) Language
(4) Software
(5) None of these

Q:6 Computers that are portable and convenient for users who travel are known as ?
(1) Super computers
(2) Laptops
(3) Mini computers
(4) File servers
(5) None of these

Q:7 Unsolicited e-mail well known as?
(1) News group
(2) Use net
(3) Backbone
(4) Flaming
(5) Spam

Q:8 An ad hoc query is a______________
1) pre-planned question
2) pre-scheduled question
3) spur-of-the-moment question
4) question that will not return any results
5) None of these

Q:9 What interface card do you need to connect to a network?
1) ISP card
2) Wireless card
3) Router
4) NIC
5) None of these

Q:10 The pattern of printed lines on most products are called ?
1) Abacus
2) barcodes
3) scanners
4) OCR
5) none of these

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A:1-(3) Compiler, A:2-(2) Compressed File, A:3-(3) Database Software A:4-(1) Silicon, A:5-(3) Language, A:6-(2) Laptops, A:7-(5) Spam, A:8-2) pre-scheduled question, A:9-3) Router, A:10-2) barcodes……..



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