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computer quizCOMPUTER QUIZ

A) The brain of the computer is called the _____.


(1)    IBM                (2)   ROM

(3)    RAM              (4)   CPU

(5)    None of these


B) The operating system is also called the ______ between the user and the computer.

(1)    interrelate

(2)    interface

(3)    interference

(4)   intermediate

(5)    None of these


C) A single binary digit is known as

(1)    MB                 (2)   byte

(3)    KB                  (4)  bit

(5)   None of these


D) How many Bytes in a Megabyte (MB)?

(1)    1,000,000

(2)    1,024,000

(3)    1,048,576

(4)    1,000,024     (5)    None of these


E) What does ALU stand for?

(1)   Arithmetic Logic Unit

(2)   Arithmatic Local Unit

(3)    Algorithm logical unit

(4)   Analog local union

(5)    None of these


F) The access method used for magnetic tape is_____

(1)    Direct

(2)    Random

(3)   Sequential

(4)    Serial

(5)    None of these


G) Bug means

(1)    A difficult syntax error in a program

(2)    Documenting programs using an efficient Docu­mentation too

(3)    A logical error in a program

(4)    All of the above

(5)    None of these


H)     C is

(1)    An assembly language

(2)    A machine language

(3)    A third generation high level language

(4)    All of the above

(5)    None of these



A. 4
B. 2
C. 4
D. 2
E. 1
F. 4
G. 3
H. 3


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